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CornerStone Farm Cesar *S
Born: 03/07/2008
Taupe and White

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---------------------Saffron *S
Son of 2007 AGS National GCH buck

Dam: dairy goat
----------- ARMCH Heather 3*D E
2nd place in class to
2007 AGS National GCH doe

Classification Score:
Will be done in 2009

Dairy Character:
Body Capacity:
General Appearance:

Show Record
Full show record not available

Unofficial height taken

Cesar - We are impressed with the overall structure in this little buck. His pedigree speaks volumes to dairy character. We retained Cesar primarily as a herdsire due in part to his dam's outstanding levelness and proven progeny, and his sire's proven show lines.

Cesar shows excellent balance and sharp dairy character. Walks naturally uphill, with correct structure throughout. He has well set, wide legs.

Kid shot 2008

Psalm 104:18
The high mountains belong to the wild goats;
the crags are a refuge for the coneys.
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