CornerStone Farm Poultry

Ordering and Shipping


Mature Birds as well as started stock can be shipped sexed and without minimum quantities. Selections from this category will be POSTED when they become available.

Chicks and Fertile hatching eggs are not available for shipping.

Money orders payable to: Ward Halligan

Important: certain breeds have a maximum chick order, which is less than the required number for shipping. In these instances, you may request another breed to make up the difference. Please be sure to observe maximum chick orders at the top of each breed profile.

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From our farm, to you!

All shipments are sent through the US Postal Services - Express Mail.

We guarantee healthy started, or mature birds upon delivery, providing delivery is made within Express Mail standards and there is no evidence of poor handling. Losses must be reported to us within 48 hours of delivery in order to receive eligible refunds. Keep in mind, we do not have control over timeliness or care of handling once our shipments leave us.


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